Deposit and Cash Management Consumer Banking

Direct Access

At Wellesley Bank, we conveniently provide Direct Access to our dedicated and experienced Premier Bankers. We’d love to have you stop by any of our retail offices for more information or you can choose to contact a Premier Banker online. We look forward to serving you!

Banking with Wellesley Bank

Here at Wellesley Bank, we proudly offer our personal banking clients a convenient range of deposit services specifically designed to fulfill their unique needs.

To guarantee a consistently premier experience, we focus on delivering tailored financial solutions to our clients with an emphasis on ensuring each individual gets the attention their specific needs require. Our premier bankers understand that each individual’s situation is a bit different, which is why we welcome you to come sit down with us and fill us in on your financial preferences.

By adding a personal touch to each and every client, we better understand our community and can serve them to the best of our ability. At Wellesley Bank, we’re dedicated to providing a seamless, extraordinary banking experience each and every time.

Consumer Checking Accounts

We offer an array of checking account options, so count on Wellesley Bank to have your every need covered. All our checking accounts offer the following complimentary services:

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Money Market Accounts

When you choose to open up a money market account with Wellesley Bank, you’re choosing to protect, grow, and maximize your savings. A money market account will allow you to readily utilize and manage your funds, all while accruing value with Wellesley Bank’s highly competitive money market interest rates.

Savings Accounts

Ever since we opened our doors over 100 years ago, the professionals at Wellesley Bank have made it their top priority to help clients with their savings. Today, we’ve still got our priorities in order. Our savings accounts offer complimentary online banking services, convenient check images, and combined monthly statements.

CDs & IRAs

We’re proud to offer an array of Certificate of Deposit accounts and IRAs to suit the unique needs of all of our customers.

The terms of these accounts can be flexible and can range from as long as four years to as short as three months. You simply choose the account that best suits either your current or future requirements.

If you have any questions regarding our Certificate of Deposit accounts or IRAs, please contact us or visit your nearest retail office.