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Effective June 18, 2018, we have upgraded our Alerts notification system for Retail and Business Online Banking. You can now receive important updates to your accounts regarding balance changes, transactions, loans, security and other activies. This new service includes options for enhanced email, text, secure inbox and push alert notifications. Please login to establish your preferred notifications. If you were previously subscribed to Event Manager Alerts, it will be necessary for you to re-establish your notifications. Thank you for choosing Wellesley Bank!


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Deposit and Cash Management

  • William H. Heald Senior Vice President, Deposit and Cash Management
    Wellesley Square 781-489-7042
    William H. Heald photo
  • Andrew Duffy Vice President, Relationship Manager
    Boston 617-778-5872
    Andrew Duffy photo
  • Mark Sullivan Vice President, Relationship Manager
    Newton (617)778-5870
    Mark Sullivan photo
  • Henry M. Connors Senior Vice President, Director of Deposit Operations
    Henry M. Connors photo
  • Alice C. Lee Senior Vice President, Retail Banking
    Newton 781-489-7601
    Alice C. Lee photo
  • Wendy L. Bradley Vice President, Senior Premier Manager
    Linden SquareWellesley Square 781-489-7637
    Wendy L. Bradley photo
  • Milton Manousaridis Assistant Vice President, Premier Relationship Manager
    Boston 781-489-7634
    Milton Manousaridis photo
  • Leanne Murphy Assistant Vice President, Premier Office Manager
    Lower Falls 781-489-4539
    Leanne Murphy photo
  • Nilmini Hall Premier Office Assistant Manager
    Linden Square 781-489-7602
    Nilmini Hall photo

Commercial Lending

  • Greg A. Pauplis Senior Vice President, Team Leader, Commercial Lending
    Linden Square Tel: 781-489-7636
    Greg A. Pauplis photo
  • Andrew R. Maloney Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender
    Boston 617-778-5868
    Andrew R. Maloney photo
  • Jon A. Barnes Vice President, Commercial Lender
    Linden Square 781-489-4537
    Jon A. Barnes photo
  • Jillian Wagner Assistant Vice President, Senior Credit Analyst
    Linden Square 781-489-4536
    Jillian Wagner photo

Residential Lending

  • Brian J. Lynch Senior Vice President, Residential Lender
    Lower Falls 781-489-7614
    Brian J. Lynch photo
  • Lindsay Santini Moran First Vice President, Residential Lender
    Lower Falls 781-489-4503
    Lindsay Santini Moran photo

Executive Office

  • Thomas J. Fontaine President & Chief Executive Officer
    Executive Office 781-489-7609
    Thomas J. Fontaine photo
  • Michael W. Dvorak EVP, Chief Operating Officer
    Michael W. Dvorak photo
  • Ralph L. Letner EVP, Chief Banking Officer
    Executive Office 781-489-7621
    Ralph L. Letner photo
  • Maureen E. Sullivan EVP, Chief Client Experience Officer
    Executive Office 781-489-4531
    Maureen E. Sullivan photo
  • John W. Wescott Senior Vice President, Information Technology and Risk Officer
    Executive Office 781-489-7618
    John W. Wescott photo
  • Mark Okscin Senior Vice President, Controller and Treasurer
    Executive Office (781) 489-7612
    Mark Okscin photo


  • Ann Marie DeCoff Senior Vice President, Loan Operations Manager
    Lower Falls 781-489-7607
    Ann Marie DeCoff photo
  • Angela H. Yee First Vice President, Compliance
    Lower Falls 781-489-7613
    Angela H. Yee photo
  • Ross A. Benavides Vice President, Information Technology, CISSP
    Lower Falls 781-489-4530
    Ross A. Benavides photo
  • Nancy A. Snow Assistant Vice President, Accounting Manager
    Executive Office 781-489-7617
    Nancy A. Snow photo
  • Adelle Greenberg Assistant Vice President, Product Marketing Manager
    Executive Office 781-489-7647
    Adelle Greenberg photo
  • Tammy Hinojosa Assistant Vice President, Sr. Loan Underwriter
    Lower Falls Phone: (781)489-7628
    Tammy Hinojosa photo