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  • William H. Heald Senior Vice President, Deposit and Cash Management
    Wellesley Square   781-489-7042
    William H. Heald photo
  • Andrew Duffy Vice President, Relationship Manager
    Boston   617-778-5872
    Andrew Duffy photo
  • Alice C. Lee Senior Vice President, Retail Banking
    Newton   781-489-7601
    Alice C. Lee photo
  • Wendy L. Bradley Vice President, Senior Premier Manager
    Linden Square  Wellesley Square   781-489-7637
    Wendy L. Bradley photo
  • Helena R. Fonseca Vice President, Premier Manager
    Lower Falls   781-489-4501
    Helena R. Fonseca photo
  • Milton Manousaridis Premier Office Manager
    Boston   781-489-7634
    Milton Manousaridis photo
  • Nilmini Hall Premier Office Assistant Manager
    Linden Square   781-489-7602
    Nilmini Hall photo
  • Leland Ward Premier Office Manager
    Wellesley Square   617-778-5866
    Leland Ward photo