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Deposit and Cash Management

  • William H. Heald Senior Vice President, Deposit and Cash Management
    Wellesley Square 781-489-7042
    William H. Heald photo
  • Andrew Duffy Vice President, Relationship Manager
    Boston 617-778-5872
    Andrew Duffy photo
  • Mark Sullivan Vice President, Relationship Manager
    Newton (617)778-5870
    Mark Sullivan photo
  • Henry M. Connors Senior Vice President, Director of Deposit Operations
    Henry M. Connors photo
  • Alice C. Lee Senior Vice President, Retail Banking
    Newton 781-489-7601
    Alice C. Lee photo
  • Wendy L. Bradley Vice President, Senior Premier Manager
    Linden SquareWellesley Square 781-489-7637
    Wendy L. Bradley photo
  • Milton Manousaridis Assistant Vice President, Premier Relationship Manager
    Boston 781-489-7634
    Milton Manousaridis photo
  • Leland Ward Assistant Vice President, Premier Office Manager
    Wellesley Square 617-778-5866
    Leland Ward photo
  • Leanne Murphy Assistant Vice President, Premier Office Manager
    Lower Falls 781-489-4539
    Leanne Murphy photo
  • Nilmini Hall Premier Office Assistant Manager
    Linden Square 781-489-7602
    Nilmini Hall photo

Commercial Lending

  • Greg A. Pauplis Senior Vice President, Team Leader, Commercial Lending
    Linden Square Tel: 781-489-7636
    Greg A. Pauplis photo
  • Andrew R. Maloney Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender
    Boston 617-778-5868
    Andrew R. Maloney photo
  • Jon A. Barnes Vice President, Commercial Lender
    Linden Square 781-489-4537
    Jon A. Barnes photo
  • Jillian Wagner Assistant Vice President, Senior Credit Analyst
    Linden Square 781-489-4536
    Jillian Wagner photo

Residential Lending

  • Brian J. Lynch Senior Vice President, Residential Lender
    Lower Falls 781-489-7614
    Brian J. Lynch photo
  • Lindsay Santini Moran First Vice President, Residential Lender
    Lower Falls 781-489-4503
    Lindsay Santini Moran photo

Executive Office

  • Thomas J. Fontaine President & Chief Executive Officer
    Executive Office 781-489-7609
    Thomas J. Fontaine photo
  • Michael W. Dvorak EVP, Chief Financial Officer
    Michael W. Dvorak photo
  • Ralph L. Letner EVP, Chief Lending Officer
    Executive Office 781-489-7621
    Ralph L. Letner photo
  • Maureen E. Sullivan EVP, Chief Marketing and Human Resources Officer
    Executive Office 781-489-4531
    Maureen E. Sullivan photo
  • John W. Wescott Senior Vice President, Information Technology and Risk Officer
    Executive Office 781-489-7618
    John W. Wescott photo
  • Mark Okscin Senior Vice President, Controller and Treasurer
    Executive Office (781) 489-7612
    Mark Okscin photo


  • Ann Marie DeCoff Senior Vice President, Loan Operations Manager
    Lower Falls 781-489-7607
    Ann Marie DeCoff photo
  • Angela H. Yee First Vice President, Compliance
    Lower Falls 781-489-7613
    Angela H. Yee photo
  • Ross A. Benavides Vice President, Information Technology, CISSP
    Lower Falls 781-489-4530
    Ross A. Benavides photo
  • Nancy A. Snow Assistant Vice President, Accounting Manager
    Executive Office 781-489-7617
    Nancy A. Snow photo
  • Adelle Greenberg Assistant Vice President, Product Marketing Manager
    Executive Office 781-489-7647
    Adelle Greenberg photo
  • Tammy Hinojosa Assistant Vice President, Sr. Loan Underwriter
    Lower Falls Phone: (781)489-7628
    Tammy Hinojosa photo